Collaborative Inquiry 2017/18

Our inquiry  process previously had revealed connections between art making in the studio and competencies associated with social emotional learning (SEL). In the 2017/18 school year lead teachers from each school participated in a district wide collaborative inquiry across all participating AIRS schools to consider the question: 

“How does collaborating with a resident artist in an established studio impact student learning within the new curriculum and core competencies.”

Similar  observations shared by teachers over the course of the inquiry and across very different sites, communities and art experiences  confirmed for us the common benefits of focused, embedded art engagement for all students. 

Benefits included: 

· increased confidence and risk taking for students 

· increased levels of focus and sustained attention 

· empowerment for students who struggle within the classroom but flourish within a creative, hands-on context of non-judgement 

· building of a greater sense of community 

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You can read the full collaborative inquiry report here.