Artist in Residence Studio Program


“I feel like whenever I do art, I can always have a smile on my face. 

I feel like I crawl out of my shell.”   Grade 5 student

Guiding Principles

Relevance: Empower children to be compassionate and creative transformers of their world through on-going participation in socially relevant, inquiry based visual arts learning. 

Equity: Give all children the opportunity to engage in the visual arts within their local neighbourhood elementary school by prioritizing funding for schools with socio-economic disadvantage. 

Inclusion: Provide engagement in the visual arts that respects the cultural diversity of all students and including recognition of indigenous perspectives. 


Partnership: Work in partnership with VSB staff, teaching artists, university researchers and financial patrons to establish vibrant working studios within schools that strengthen learning across the curriculum. 


Outreach: Document and showcase the importance of long-term visual arts engagement for the social/emotional and intellectual development of children and for teaching the core competencies within the new BC curriculum.