“Art can tell stories about people’s lives and their connections to each other, the land, their values.” Aryan 


Why Art Matters:

Grade 6 and 7 students at Trudeau Elementary reflect:


“Art expresses my own sense of creativity, 

what matters to me.” Gurhazoor 

“Art can express different ideas without language.” Zaira 

“Art lets us express our feelings without feeling discriminated.” Stefani Alexa 

“Arts improve your imagination.” Aseeskaur 


“Art makes everything perfect.” Stephanie 

“Art supports creative thinking”. Manroop 

“Art contains a lot of history...a lot of knowledge.” Danica 

“The elements of art are in everything, even animation and digital media.” Alex

“Studying nature, we see art everywhere.” Avani 


“Art can be seen everywhere we go.” Krishna 

“Art promotes peaceful communication.” Aryan 

“Because we can make our feelings. We can draw special things from our minds.” Manreet 

“Art is a way that people can express a passion.” Alex 

“Art is everything. All our imagination and the way we express ourselves.” Tanishka