The AIRS program is made possible through the shared vision, support and encouragement of many partners. It is through the collective commitment and generosity of teachers, artists, administrators, local arts organizations and financial patrons all working together, that seemingly impossible dreams become possible. All of our partners together are instrumental in realizing our shared vision of creating equitable, on-going and life transforming access to the visual arts for all children.  We are looking to sustain our existing studios each year and extend the program to more schools as additional funding becomes available.  If you are interested in helping to support the program as a whole or becoming a sponsor for an AIRS studio please contact us.   

"The 'Art room' is one of the few creative safe spaces left where a child cannot be judged or be wrong, especially today where the pressure of “perfection ” is demanded in our technological world.  The Art room is a place where a papier-mâché bird can have 3 legs and one eye or where the sun can set in the east. This is why the Rennie Foundation was there as the founding financial partner of AIRS and continues to support AIRS in many ways."  

Bob Rennie, Rennie Foundation

AIRS is grateful for the generous donations of our financial partners for 2019/20:

Betty Wellburn Legacies Award Fund

Emily Carr University of Art and Design

Higher Ground Holdings

Rennie Foundation

Vancouver School Board