Our Artists

All our artists are local, professional teaching artists that cover a broad range of artistic practices including drawing, painting, weaving, carving, print-making, sculpture, textiles and photography.   In the AIRS program, the artist becomes part of the school community, working with students and teachers out of the studio space one day a week over the course of a school year.  Each artist, in consultation with teaching staff, develops a visual arts program for age appropriate, inquiry- based projects that connect learning across the curriculum and explore ideas or issues that are relevant to students and their world. These projects can be individual or collaborative, permanent or ephemeral, and can encompass a range of visual media. 

To learn more about our studios and past projects, please see the collaborative inquiry report.

“The artist’s ability to guide and encourage helped to boost my confidence in combining various curricular content areas, competencies and school goals. The focus was on experiencing the artistic process rather than creating a product and this approach was deeply engaging for myself and my students.” 

Andrew Swain, K Teacher 


Interested in becoming an AIRS artist?

AIRS is looking for local professional or emerging artists who have a passion for inspiring, mentoring and empowering students through the art making process.   Artists should be prepared to work collaboratively with teachers to develop high quality projects that integrate perceptual and technical skill development with curricular learning.  Artists should be committed to cultivating an environment of safety for creative expression that honours the diversity of student experience and acknowledges the importance of indigenous perspectives.   Artists must have prior experience working with children and be willing to embrace the relational responsibilities and benefits of becoming part of a school community.  

AIRS Artist Applications for 2020/21

The deadline for artist applications for this school year is closed.  We will be accepting new applications for the 2020/21 school year in April 2020.  Please check the website for updates.  For any questions please contact the AIRS Director at