Interested in becoming an AIRS artist?

AIRS is looking for local professional or emerging artists who have a passion for inspiring, mentoring and empowering students through the art making process.   Artists should be prepared to work collaboratively with teachers to develop high quality projects that integrate perceptual and technical skill development with curricular learning.  Artists should be committed to cultivating an environment of safety for creative expression that honours the diversity of student experience and acknowledges the importance of indigenous perspectives.   Artists must have prior experience working with children and be willing to embrace the relational responsibilities and benefits of becoming part of a school community.

Successful artists will develop a vision for their residency, in consultation with teaching staff, for age appropriate, inquiry-based projects that connect learning across the curriculum and explore ideas or issues that are meaningful and relevant to students and their world. The projects can be conceived as individual or collaborative, permanent or ephemeral, and could encompass a range of visual media depending on the expertise of the artist. The residency should provide opportunities for students to develop technical and perceptual skills, confidence in personal expression, and a deeper understanding of the art making process and its relevance for engaging in the world.

Each residency will include a school-based exhibition to showcase student work and learning for the whole school community.  Artists will also curate a selection of student work and learning for an AIRS group exhibition at the Vancouver School Board at the end of the school year. 

We have a variety of residency opportunities including a mentorship program, short term studio residencies, and full year residencies which range in length from 5 to 30 weeks. We offer industry standard compensation in accordance with CARFAC/RAAV. 

“The experience the AIRS program had for me was profound. I cannot imagine my life now without the connections and inspiration the program provided. It is truly amazing to witness and be a part of.” 

- AIRS artist Holly Clarke

Artist Applications 2020/2021

As of April 1, 2020, we are now accepting artist applications. While the impacts of the current COVID-19 outbreak on the schools, funding, and the AIRS program remain uncertain, we are going forward with the application process for the 2020/2021 school year.

We are accepting applications for the following programs: 

  • Full year residency: Teaching artist residency one day a week over the course of 24 weeks for K-7 students across the school.
  • ECUAD residency: Teaching artist residency at Mount Pleasant Elementary for an ECUAD alumnus, one day a week over the course of 24 weeks for K-7 students across the entire school. This residency is sponsored by ECUAD and would involve a community engagement exhibition at ECUAD at the conclusion of the year. 
  • Short term residency:  Teaching artist residency one day a week for between 8-16 weeks.
  • Mentorship Residency:  This residency provides artists a short term teaching residency opportunity at the Art and Discovery Studio in conjunction with the AIRS Director to gain practical experience in a supportive environment.  
  • Media arts residency: Short term residency between 8-16 weeks for artists working in the fields of film, photography, or new media. 

Applicants will be notified by the end of May. Successful applicants will be required to attend an orientation session *provisionally* being held on June 19th and 20th in Vancouver. 

For more information please contact